Meet our Onesellers

Onesellers are registered resellers with Onecart, Who get access to unique products that could be sold offline and on social media platforms.

  • Vanishka Patel

    Vanishka is passionate for selling women's Vintage clothes and sneakers in Depop, Vinted and ebay.

  • Rory Smith

    Rory is a reseller with massive 100+ listings on Ebay. He likes selling Collectibles, Toys, Comics, Pokemon cards.

  • Rizla

    Rizla sells ethnic clothes and Indian traditional outfits.

  • Simran Kaur

    Simran sells indian ethnic wear, traditional attire and accessories on WhatsApp and Instagram. She is also an avid Tik-toker.

  • Shermin

    Shermin is a registered Reseller with onecart, She sells Indian ethnic traditional wear, ethnic accessories.

  • Usman Khan

    Usman is "Otaku" he likes collecting all things about Anime culture. He sells on whatnot App and on Instagram.

  • Joldin Thomas

    Joldin thomas likes collecting premium watches and trading them. He is fond of vintage classic watches.

  • Suhana Khurshid

    Suhana is a full time bedroom entrepreneur, She likes selling clothes, Ethic wear, Accessories