Journey of 2 Friends from Dubai to UK

Pratik and Luqman both knew each other from Mumbai , where they finished schooling and worked in Dubai for 6+years. Both founders moved to UK to start their startup Baqala - An app that allows corner shops to sell products on WhatsApp, It was during COVID they realised that small business were struggling and their is no easy solution to sell products online in less than 1 Minute. working on Baqala they realised that there many people selling products from their house through eBay, Depop and Vinted. They realised there is an opportunity to engage other people to setup their own stores selling products from the comfort of their home. Thus Onecart was born with a vision to "Democratise Internet for Everyone". Often big E-commerce companies like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy engage with small and medium scale businesses, but there is no platform that caters to individual sellers or motivates individual sellers to become business owners. Onecart solves this problem by allowing anyone to be seller based on their passion and interest . We want Internet commerce to be equal for everyone.